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Coach Ty Woolner

Coach Ty is a certified Health & Fitness Coach who leads others to discover their strengths and develop self-empowerment with his unique holistic approach to training, which provides a safe environment for self-exploration, allowing his clients to work through challenges in attainment of their goals. He also has the unique distinction of being 1 of the very few Westside Barbell Certified coaches in the world.

"The ways in which we cope with the stresses of our environments can literally shape our beings"
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Feel as good as you look!
Discover what strength can do for you

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Fitness Coaching

Train for success with a variety of programs designed to meet your specific needs that capitalize on your strengths while improving your areas of opportunity.

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Support your goals by integrating effective strategies and meal plans that are designed for your unique lifestyle.

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Sport Performance

Take your performance to the next level through highly advanced sport-specific programming focused on increasing physical, emotional and mental aspects of your sport.

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Injury Prevention

Care for your body with a unique combo of Fascial Stretch Therapy™ & NeuroKinetic Therapy™ that will help prevent, improve, or eliminate pain while promoting mobility & stability for injury free movement.

What Clients Say

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Coach Ty has been my personal trainer for over 5 years and during this period I have gained so much in meeting my goals for improving my strength, balance and endurance. The technical knowledge he imparts maximizes the benefit of the time I spend at the health center with him and at the fitness club working out independently.  For me Coach Ty embodies everything that makes a great personal trainer. He is committed to ongoing education, understanding individual client needs, and the highest level of professionalism. He has made me an unquestioning believer in the high value of his personal training.

Richard G. Vice President, In his 60's. January 21, 2017


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