In Person &
Online Programs

In Person Sessions

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or consider yourself a seasoned athlete, in-person sessions can help you reach your goals! These private sessions are designed to meet your personal needs all while capitalizing on your strengths to help improve your areas of opportunities so you perform and feel optimally.

Take an active role in your transformation by not only doing the physical work but understanding the process of choosing exercises, nutrition and lifestyle choices that are specific to you! Coach Ty will guide you through this process and promote your own self-empowerment so you can take charge of a healthier lifestyle.

On-line Sessions

If you’re self-motivated but are interested in following a structured program wherever you are in the world, online coaching is for you. After an initial consultation (in person or via Skype), Coach Ty will design a program that will guide you towards your goals with the use of your very own customized app! Take your fitness anywhere!


Available in-person and via Skype, and both on & off location, consult about all things health & fitness to help get you started or to improve the efficiency of your current systems.

Family Fitness

A truly unique service, Coach Ty will work with your entire family to design a health and fitness program to promote happier, healthier and stronger lives under one roof. Connect and be motivated by each other while feeling your best!

Picture of a Family